DigiTech Sialkot Offers Online SEO Training in Sialkot – Pakistan


DigiTech Sialkot is first Online SEO Training platform in Sialkot – Pakistan for those people

seo training
SEO Training in Siallkot – Pakistan
  1. Who wants to earn online money but they have no skills for work online.
  2. Who wants to get success in their life by getting advance knowledge of earning.
  3. Who wants do home based work but they can’t do just because lack of knowledge.
  4. Who wants to join any type of business but they have no working strategy.
  5. Who wants digital marketing jobs.
  6. Who wants to rank their own business international or national level.
  7. Who wants get high level jobs & attractive salaries.
  8. Who wants to be their own boss.
  9. Who wants to do freelancing by different freelancing platforms.
  10. Who wants to start their own digital marketing based company or SEO services company.

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for search engine optimization . SEO is the process to modify a website as per standards of Search Engine. SEO is the process of improving volume or quality of traffic to a website through search engines via Organic Search Results.

SEO is a simple activity that helps you for growing your business. Search Engine Optimization strategies especially design for business holders. Through SEO you expand your business online from your home town to worldwide. SEO is the effective process that visible your website on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other running search engines free of cost. You need not to pay any type of amount to Google for ranking your website. Apply this organic method for your business.

Now the question is how we get benefit from SEO free of cost while there are many paid methods for marketing?

So here we explain this, when SEO apply on any type of website it will boost on first page of Google and through visitors get more customers. More customers are more money. More money is actually benefit free of cost. While if we spend money on paid marketing methods so they are very expensive and less benefit process. Because when payment is about to end your website going to invisible while SEO process when you rank your website through your targeting keyword. Your website will appear whenever you type your targeting keyword. Here are two types of SEO.

First one is On-Page SEO

Second one is Off-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?
Method of updates of HTML code, images, alt text, meta title, meta description, in bound links ETC on our website is called On-Page SEO techniques.

What is Off-Page SEO?
Method of backlinks creation is called Off-Page SEO. Create your targeting keyword links on other websites. Because of those links visitors comes on your website and your website get more visitors and more benefit.

Why we should take Online SEO training in Sialkot – Pakistan?

Online SEO Training in Sialkot – Pakistan is a chance for Business holders to upgrade their knowledge for rank their business worldwide, for job holders, for increasing business sale, for get more traffic and visitors on website, for earn more money.  Here I want to highlight many points that will enough for explain you – Why should you take Online SEO training in Sialkot – Pakistan?

  1. seo course in lahoreIf you have your business that you run through website so SEO is the best option for expand your business by get more visitors. Actually Google is worldwide number 1 search engine for searching so people trust on Google 100%. They search keyword according to their need and Google show them results. After showing results consumers visit which websites are show below the keyword search bar. Consumers are visit different sites but here is major point to understand that is if you are indexing your website in Google webmaster tool so Google show your website, store or blog on SERP. Without indexing your website Google will not show your website by snippet. SEO is cheapest way to increase your sale by promoting your brand on Google’s 1st In other words you can say that SEO is unpaid but very Effective Marketing Method by Google.
  2. If you are blogger or have store and wants traffic for your earning purpose so SEO course by DigiTech Sialkot is beneficial step for your bright future. Blogger is earning method and many bloggers wants traffic for their blogger’s nich. Because visitors are the key of their earning increment. By per visitor Google notice DA PA of each blog, online store or website. Google prefer those websites, blogs or online stores which have many more visitors. If you use schema Markup or Rich Snippet then this method will rank your website fast and Google refer your website, blog or online store more. Schema Markup and Rich snippet are SEO tricks, in these interesting tricks you can add any type of information of your website, blog or online store like product, color scheme, training based information, page links, author details or much more interesting details.
  3. If you are a freelancer and wants earn more money in short time period so SEO is the best option for achieve your goal. After getting Training of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) your have wonderful skill of rank any type of website, blog and online store. When you create your gigs you offer your services or training as you like the earning way. If you offer services so you can offer
  4. SEO AuditGraphic designing in sialkot
  5. Keyword Research
  6. On-Page
  7. Off-Page
  8. Local SEO
  9. Content writing Services
  10. Directory Submissions by Location
  11. Classified ads
  12. Social bookmarking
  13. Article submission

On the other hand, If you want to be a teacher or trainer on freelancing platform so you can teach

  1. SEO Complete Course
  2. On-Page Strategy
  3. Off-Page Strategy
  4. Who to write content for SEO, website or Blog.
  5. Who to index your Business on Google Maps?
  6. Who to create backlinks for your website?
  7. How to create Blog for earning money and get adsence?


  1. Job seekers are looking for better opportunity and wants get attractive salaries but they face troubles to get their target salary. Unfortunately they work hard as a jobian but they have to wait minimum 5years for getting their expected salary package. But If you get Online SEO training Sialkot –Pakistan so I assure you that any company or factory will give you salary according to your target amount. Because SEO is not just a skill but magically trick for increase your sale or rank your business in less time period. SEO is the one of those skills that help you to get directly manager post at any type of company. So I suggest every job seeker who wants to be manager in any type of company, Don’t waste his time by thinking or doing nothing. DigiTech Sialkot gives best option for growing your value in market. Come first and earn by learn.


  1. Career as Digital Marketer

Last but not least – Wants to start your digital marketing career so it’s the best opportunity and decision for learning or getting training SEO at affordable price. SEO is the main part of Digital Marketing. This is the most suggested advice that I actually prefer for my students. I always motivate my students that learn digital marketing for run your own business. But you need more research on every topic and have to update your knowledge about advance Digital Marketing. It’s a tough target for your bright future but If you want to do this so SEO is the main skill for your career. I noticed many students who want to learn SEO training but they have no resources for get the knowledge of advance level SEO techniques in Sialkot. They faced to much troubles and then they move towards other cites like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi’s SEO training or course services. I also face this problem but now I started a company which is DigiTech Sialkot by name and I started this SEO training and services base agency for those people who wants digital marketing training in their own hometown.

What are the most important SEO ranking factors in 2021?

There are 6 major ranking factors that actually works in 2021. I research deeply and according to my research 2019 is bringing some interesting changing for SEO. That is very useful and easy to use. Here I discuss about these factors

  1. Mobile Friendly website
  2. Accurate web page speed
  3. Best quality links
  4. Business listing – Local SEO
  5. Voice search
  6. Short URLs

In 2019 Google prefer those websites which have best speed web page and mobile friendly feature instead of other on page ranking factors. These two factors are most important for rank your website. The reason behind is, everyone have mobile in his pocket and they visit easily through cell phone your website from anywhere. Laptop or PC is impossible to carry all time. Google wants  to give easy solution to every searcher. So mobile friendly website will help you for increase your website’s ranking. On the other hand speed of web page is also important because in this busy era everyone have no time for stop, so if your website is not open in 5 to 7 seconds consumers are getting fed up and close the tab. That is bad impact for your website and ranking also. Google rank those websites which are open in 4 seconds and consumers are also visit these type of site which have best web page speed. Third one is quality links. Yes! Links are very important factors for ranking any website. Inbound links are the beauty of website and attract visitors for stay your website more. Internal links are increase your content quality also. Now I am talking about very trending point that is about Google Business Maps Services. Google offer their Local SEO Services free of cost. You have to add all information of your located business with place and services. Google verify your business after conformation and index your location in its database. In 2019 this is most ranking factor of any website and If you create you Schema Markup along with Rich Snippet so Google will prefer your web page more then others. Now its time for voice search. Voice search is also trending option. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai 20% inquiries are come from voice search and expected that in 2020 it will expand to 50%. So voice search is get more changing in SEO because mobile is turn to business running device now. And last point is short URLs of websites. If you generate your website short URLs so it will prefer by Google but if you create long URLs it will not able to rank because of updates of SEO changing factors.

What are techniques we learn in Online SEO Training course Sialkot?

DigiTech Sialkot provide number 1 training course for students, job holders, business men or business women. In this course students will learn On-Page and Off-Page techniques.

17 Best On-Page SEO Techniques to rank 1st page with no Back-links.


  1. Differ between Page Title and SEO Title

Page title and SEO title are totally differ methods and tricks. Usually students mixed up these two points and they won’t be able to decide what is page title and what is SEO title. Basically Google picked up SEO title and description with targeted URL on SERP. So our keywords are SEO title while our heading based titles are our page titles. Page title characters are round about 60 to 80 and SEO title’s characters are 50 to 65.

  1. Description

Description helps your website a lot for rank Google’s first page. It’s very helpful point in SEO. Many search engine are appears description in bold format. Description can 165 characters if you add more characters so SERP will not display your full description.

  1. Content Structure

Content is king of SEO. Quality of your content is very important thing. Don’t write content as a paragraph. Always write content step by step and make points of your content. It will attract your visitors and get more traffic.

  1. Word Count

Content quality is a fact but we can’t ignore content words. Because of maximum content words your content get more readable and readers stay on your website or blog for more time. So if you want to get more traffic, you have to write quality content up to 850 words.

  1. Update Constantly

After two weeks you have to update your content and add new trending tricks if you have SEO based blog, website or if you have product based website so you have to update your website’s content according to your product demand or trending product. You have to set your article according to your nich.

  1. Keyword Search

If you add your SEO title in your post and page title so Google prefer these type of content more. Because your keyword is in your keyword title, page title and post title along with URL.

  1. Keyword Planner

Choose your keyword by Google presents keyword search tool where you get all details related your keyword like keywords monthly search, long tail keyword, LSI keyword and keyword competition.

  1. Keyword Density

This is most controversial point in SEO. Your keyword density in your content will be 3% to 5%. This keyword density is best for content. This is the policy  and rule of SEO ranking factor.

  1. Internal Links

When you see highlight words in content they are called internal links that connect to your website’s another page. It will attract visitors and your web pages are visited by clicking one page to another page. Through this method your DA PA will boost fastly.

  1. External Link

When your website get visitors by clicking URL link from other website that is called external links. That type of links are very helpful for your ranking.

  1. Breadcrumbs or Site Navigation

This is very interesting factor of SEO and web development also. Breadcrumbs works as navigational links on the top of the web page. This trick offer visitors home page quickly.

  1. Image Title Tags

Image title is working as a Google coding. When we search any keyword in Google search bar or any search engine so the HTML coding not recognize image by view but the search engines work correctly by image title that we use during upload the images.

  1. H1 to H6

H1 to H6 are called heading on your web page that helps for rank your keyword based web product. So make sure to use H1 to H6 for better credibility.

  1. URL Structure

URL found on the top of the page in search bar. Never create URL in capital wording. Short URL is SEO prefer but keep in mind that URL not so long that looks ugly.

  1. Sitemap

Sitemap is the major step in SEO. Through sitemap you can allow or disallow web pages for display on Google’s database. Sitemap gets awesome factors after feeding data and through sitemap your web error will be fixed at any time.

  1. Webmaster Tool

Add your website into webmaster tool for indexing Google’s database. Without indexing your website in not able to show on SERP according to your targeting keywords.

  1. Google Analytics

This is a magically tool for your website that gives you all important information. You can see how your website response and traffic related all details you will get from this very tool.

seo course in multan

9 Best Off-page SEO Techniques in 2021.

  1. Content For Web 2.0

When you create web 2.0 based article for your website so keep in mind that you have to write articles shareable for getting quick rank.

  1. Create Blog

Blogger is Google product that gives your website a quality backlink for booting your target keyword. Blogger allows you that you create lots of blogs on your blogger account and get traffic by writing Attractive Content. Content gives knowledge to people and you get traffic from your powerful articles. Through this stunning website you can earn also.

  1. Article Submission

In this course you can learn different tricks and awesome working techniques that how to submit article on various sites quickly. Many SEO learners post or upload their article on different type of websites but they get no links or you can say their article related links are not visible on SERP. We guide our students about complete article submission along with the method of getting Frequently Search Results.

  1. Classified Ads

Ads are most effective trick in SEO. when we advertising anything about product or services. People attract definitely and contact you soon. Because ads are easy to do method in SEO and you can convey your message to people quickly. There are many sites who provide free ads services and paid services for ads. We teach you how to get services free and explore your message.

  1. Business Directory

Business Directory is effective and paid service for getting rank your website. But there are also method, we get services free of cost. We deliver both type of knowledge. Business directories are actually business details information base form and these type of forms give high quality backlink.

  1. Social Bookmarking

Through social bookmarking sites submission you get high quality backlinks along with more traffic for your target web page or blog in very short time period.

  1. Image Sharing

Image sharing sites are the magical feature for ranking because it give fast visibility on Google image bar. Make sure you add your title, description and tags correctly.

  1. Video Sharing

Video sharing is not ignorable feature in SEO. through this trick you can rank and expand your visibility fast. In this era people are interested in watching video more than reading a blog or content. Create stunning video related your services or product upload it on Video submission sites along with title, description and tags. This will help you for rank your website frequently.

  1. QNA Sites

This is interesting thing in SEO. from these type of websites you can get answers of your questions and high quality backlinks. But you have to choose High PR Websites for this purpose. Gain your knowledge through using QNA websites.

  1. Form Posting

Participate different type of forms that is related to your website or blog. In these forms you can get backlinks by answering different type of questions and join various communities.

How can we get experience in SEO field?

Experience is the major problem for getting high level company job. The reason behind is they want hire that one person who expert in his work. Plenty company hire professional people for rank their brand through SEO. Many students learn skill of SEO but they have no idea about working as a SEO marketer. After completion training students will able to attend free workshop. We designed the whole search engine optimization course for benefits of our students. As our aim to educate people along with finish the unemployment from our country so we train our students full plan of working. If they want to start their own company we train them, if they want to start a job we train them how to communicate with others and how to handle smartly SEO related issues. After completion training our guideline will be always with our students. So don’t miss the chance of growing and bright your future. Think big and we provide the way of your dreams through Knowledge Light.

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